Nature Hotel in Marina Romea

If besides the sea you love nature, if you like to watch the animals and to walk in the woods, the pine forest that surrounds us and all the Po River Delta Park will make you discover a unique and special world.

The Regional Po River Delta Park

The fauna of the Po River Delta Park is definitely one of the most valuable features of this protected area. This element makes the park the most important ornithological area in Italy, and one of the most significant in Europe. The extraordinary diversity of species is due to the great complexity of the environment of the Delta, that has become a true stronghold for many species at a national or European level. The park boasts some of the few examples of freshwater wetlands in continental Europe: the Argenta and Marmorta Valleys. These areas have survived to the land reclamation works thanks to the hydraulic function of “detention basins”. The “flooded Forest” of Punte Alberete is a true scenic gem, with the nearby Valle Mandriole that hosts one of the largest “City of Herons” in Italy.