Family Restaurant Clorofilla

Perfect dishes to the smallest detail always fresh and genuine ingredients

It is new, beautiful, dedicated to Nature. Its name is “Clorofilla” (Chlorophyll). The colors we have chosen are green and all the shades of brown, until cream. The materials are marble, stone, wood.
We buy flour, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables from top-quality local producers: zero miles food and a lot of freshness will characterize your dishes. Plus the fresh bread we bake every day under your eyes, alongside the pizza and the focaccia bread.
In case of food allergies or intolerances, no problem: we have alternative menus.


“Brucaliffo” is the kids’ restaurant, with a large table full of good things to eat by themselves, or with the help of two nannies. Each week, children can attend small workshops with their mothers, to prepare cakes and buns for their snack.
Open from mid-June to early September, it’s an opportunity for the kids to socialize, while mom and dad can relax and rediscover the pleasure of a dinner for two.

Meal times at our restaurant are very flexible, still should your child need to eat at different times the hotel has a kitchenette for mothers open 24/7 where you will find everything you need to prepare baby meals. In the afternoon our entertainers will serve a tasty and healthy snack in the garden. Open to everybody from mid-May to mid-September, our restaurant organizes banquets, weddings, themed buffets and much more. Reservations are welcome.
For further information and reservations, please call us at 0544 446040